Fade Protection Products

Fade Protection Window Films

Fade Protection Window Films

To be able to reduce the effects from the sun fading your furnishings, it’s important to understand the cause.

UV B varies its intensity throughout the day and is blocked by glass.

UV C is blocked by our atmosphere.

UV A is always present and is the largest cause of fading. It makes up 40% of the damage. All our film block UVA.

Visible light accounts for 25% of the damage and heat accounts for 25% with 10% being miscellaneous, air, internal lighting and so on.

Protecting your furnishings from the sun can be achieved by applying an almost invisible product. This can be done by using a film that reduces all the UV rays and a large percentage of heat. We can reduce approximately 65% of damage without even knowing there’s a film applied. To increase the fade performance further, tinted products may be used.