Sun Protection

Sun Protection window films

Sun Protection Films

Sun damage and heat gain are made up of different aspects of the solar spectrum.

Reducing heat can be done in several ways. We can reduce the total solar energy entering through the glass by as little as 40% all the way up to 84%. Tinting windows in Melbourne can create dark rooms if done incorrectly. Melbourne has just as many overcast days as it does sunny days. Don't worry, we won't darken your rooms if it’s not required. We have a product to solve every situation.

Let’s break down your requirements to find a product that suits you. 

What would you like your new windows to do? Below are some common requirements.

  • Heat reduction

  • Glare reduction

  • UV reduction 

  • Light reduction

  • No light reduction

  • Some light reduction

  • Daytime privacy

  • Fade reduction 


Once we determine your requirements, we need to look at the external appearance you would like.

  • Clear with very little to no change to the glass

  • Silver reflective

  • Totally non-reflective

  • Semi reflective grey tint

  • Light grey tint

  • Medium grey tint


Once we know all your requirements we can recommend a product that will meet all your needs. Glass type is a major factor in determining your final film selection and sometimes determines the film type.


Do you have double glazed units?

What type of glass is in your double glazing? Clear float, tinted float, laminated, toughened, laminated toughened.

Asking all these questions and finding the answers is not easy for the average home owner. Don't worry,  we do it all day every day. We can solve almost any problem you have with your existing glass