Safety and Security Films

Safety and Security window fims

Safety and Security Films

Safety films will bring normal float glass up to human impact standards for Australia.

There’s no need to replace your existing glass to protect your family. We simply apply a totally invisible clear film to the inside glass surface. Once applied you’ll never need to worry about anyone falling into the glass again. 

How it works

If there’s an impact to the glass from the inside or outside, the film will hold the glass together making it harder to break. Once the glass has had an impact large enough to break the glass, the safety film holds the glass in place preventing you coming into contact with shards of glass.

Our films comply with human impact standards for Australia and New Zealand AS2208.


We can apply these films to your 

  • Home

  • School

  • Family daycare

  • Childcare facility

  • Commercial building

  • Shops

  • Or anywhere you require human impact protection.



Security Films are installed to the inside of your existing glass the same way safety films are installed. Security films are very thick, starting from 175 microns, they come in clear or tinted versions.

Security films can be installed to any glass type to deter forced entry. Usually, one hit to untreated glass will allow entry to your building or home. When your glass has been treated with security film, it makes it hard to break the glass to start with,  once the glass has cracked, the windowpane will tolerate many hits and additional effort to get through the security filmed glass, deterring the intruder and hopefully giving up and moving on.

For added security, we can install impact protection to the frames, bonding the film to the frame.


Key Benefits

  • Deters unwanted intruders from home or business

  • Reduces the likelihood of injury from flying glass

  • Virtually invisible maximising your view through the windows

  • Protect people and property from damaging UV rays